Editorial Guidelines

Traveler First Approach:

Our primary focus is our audience – individuals seeking adventure, travel tips, and insights for their Cape Town journey. All content should be relevant, accurate, and answer the questions of our readers.

Authenticity and Accuracy:

We prioritize accuracy and authenticity in our content. Fact-checking and thorough research are crucial. We strive to provide reliable information, ensuring our readers can trust the content published on CapeTownAdventure.com. Pricing guidelines in a blog post are subject to change and may be updated by the travel providers. If you see anything on our website that you think is wrong please write to hello@capetownadventure.com


We strive to offer relevancy in each article. Some of the content is curated to provide an easier experience for our users and for our users to find all the content about Cape Town in one place. Whether it’s a travel guide, adventure story, or review, our content should answer the readers questions ahead of time.

Diverse Content Categories:

CapeTownAdventure.com covers a broad range of topics related to Cape Town. From outdoor adventures and cultural explorations to dining experiences and accommodation reviews, we aim to cater to diverse interests. Ensure a balance of content across different categories.

Inclusivity and Diversity:

Embrace inclusivity and diversity in our content. Represent the rich tapestry of Cape Town’s culture, people, and experiences. Be mindful of cultural sensitivities, avoiding stereotypes and biased narratives. Please write to us if you spot anything in our content that could be interpreted as offensive.


Cape Town Adventure provides links to service providers we independently recommend. Sometimes these links are direct to the venue, event or activity. Sometimes they link to a booking website partner through an ‘affiliate link’.

An affiliate link is a special web link that allows us to earn a small commission from a booking website when you click on it and make a purchase. It’s at no cost to you as the customer.


If any of the content is or feels offensive we’d like to hear about it. Please write to hello@capetownadventure.com and describe the issue. There are no hard feelings as we will continue to strive to provide the best experience for our readers.